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ONSITE Facilities Music License

You’re free to legally play or perform more than 20 million songs ONSITE anywhere in your facilities and satellite campuses. Includes Christian, secular and holiday music with PERFORMmusic.
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ONLINE Streaming Music LicenseWorshipCAST_2

Reach out to your surrounding community! Pay just one annual fee and you can legally stream music ONLINE from all your events and programs year round with WORSHIPcast.
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ONSITE + ONLINE Bundle License

Save time and money! Get 10% OFF your first year when you package the ONSITE license for your facilities and the ONLINE streaming license for your websites with BUNDLE License.
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“We had a very positive experience working with the team from Christian Copyright Solutions.  They were willing to have a conference call with our team, including our legal counsel, to determine exactly what license we were required to have in place.  Their team was very knowledgeable and responsive from start to finish!” 
Lyanna Young, World Vision, Faith at Work Event Manager


Help Support Your Favorite Songwriters


All of my kids grew up understanding that music is not free. It’s important to acknowledge and support the musicians, writers, vocalists, engineers, and producers of the music that we love. CCS’s PERFORMmusic and WORSHIPcast make it easy to help support the music we believe in and keep us all in compliance with the copyright laws. It always feels good to do the right thing. Let’s do it.
– Paul Baloche



CCS partners with the leading providers of music licenses to create the most comprehensive, ONE-STOP licensing solutions tailored for churches and ministries…covering more than 20 million songs.


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