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BUNDLE License
Total Coverage for Music Performances ONSITE in your facilities and ONLINE streaming on your websites.
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PERFORMmusic License
Our one-stop license gives the freedom to play or perform more than 20 million songs. Whether Christian, secular or holiday music, you can relax and know you’re covered.
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WORSHIPcast License
Save time and money! Pay just one annual fee and you can legally stream music from all your events and programs year round.
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Feeling Lost In Complicated Copyright Issues?

CCS walks alongside you — with education and licensing
solutions — on a clear path to honoring copyrights.

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We started helping Saddleback Church in 2000

and soon realized there were thousands of other church leaders
who needed our training, support and licensing solutions
“CCS has a heart for the church. They are committed to helping churches be copyright compliant. The PERFORMmusic and WORSHIPcast Licenses are great solutions for all kinds of activities outside of our religious services.”
Rick Muchow, Saddleback Worship Pastor,
Songwriter, Coach and Worship Leader.

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“INDIEadmin is top-notch in regards to handling an artists music and copyrights. Not only does the INDIEadmin team do an excellent job of protecting me, but they genuinely care about me as an artist and client.”


Mitch Langley,
Songwriter and Worship Leader

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CCS partners with the leading providers of licensing services to create new services that fit the needs of the church.

Our Clients Include Churches and Ministries
of Every Size and Denomination

Here are just a few who have our Performance Licenses.



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