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Videos - step by step compliance
What is a Copyright?

Part 1 :: Copyrights 101 Series

It’s important to understand the basic building blocks of US Copyright Law and how it impacts your church or ministry. In Part 1 of the Copyrights 101 series, Susan Fontaine Godwin explains and defines a copyright and how the US constitution promotes and protects the rights of the owner of intellectual property.

What Can Be Copyrighted?

Part 2 :: Copyrights 101 Series

Part 2 of Copyrights 101 explains exactly what types of creative works can be copyrighted under the US Copyright Law. You will learn there are eight types of works that are copyrightable and what is required to copyright them. You will also find out what can’t be copyrighted.

Exclusive Rights of Copyright Owners

Part 3 :: Copyrights 101 Series

This video defines the six exclusive rights of the copyright owner and how those rights impact churches and ministries and their uses of copyrighted material. Susan Fontaine Godwin explains and defines the rights to reproduce, perform, distribute, display, make a derivative and perform a digital recording.

Performance Rights Organizations

Advanced Copyrights Series

ASCAP, BMI and SESAC…who are they and what do they do for songwriters and publishers? This video explains how these three US performance rights organizations work for writers and publishers to protect their rights and collect royalties on their behalf. We also look at what types of church activities require performance licenses.

Common Performance Rights Myths

Advanced Copyrights Series

There are a lot of myths surrounding copyrighted material and its use in the church. We address some the the most common myths we come across, along with explanations, to better inform the Christian community of its requirements and responsibilities when performing and play copyrighted music.

Mechanical & Sync Licenses

Advanced Copyrights Series

You will learn details about the two most common licenses required to reproduce copyrighted music: 1) the mechanical license for making audio recordings; and 2) the synchronization license for recording or syncing music with audiovisual material.

Keeping Webcasts Legal

Advanced Copyrights Series

Webcasting is a great way to stream your worship where people live. Learn how to limit your church’s or ministry’s liabilities and risks when you webcast in this video as we outline the types of copyrights that require licensing, how to obtain coverage and make sure you protect your church with consent and release forms.

Blanket Licenses

Advanced Copyrights Series

Blanket licenses provide churches and ministries with a simple and cost-efficient method for copyright compliance. The licenses allow different uses and cover various types of creative works, such as songs, sound recordings and videos.This video details the copyright types and rights that are included in each license, addresses confusing points and clarifies what is and is not covered by each license.

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