Fact Sheet Download Page

Copyright compliance can often be complex, confusing and overwhelming, and church leaders just want to understand the facts about Copyright Law and how it impacts their ministry. An important part of CCS’s mission is to provide education for the Christian community, and we have compiled a library of Copyright Fact Sheets in PDF format so you can easily download and share them with your staff and colleagues. We recommend that you start with the core educational Fact Sheets below, beginning with “Copyrights 101” through “6 Myths Copyrights” in sequence. When you complete them, you will have a wealth of the information you need to help your ministry become compliant. However, you are free to start with any Fact Sheet you’d like and download the ones that address your most important topics. Please give us a call at 1-855-576-5837 or have a live chat with one of our reps right now!

Let us know if there are any other specific topics you’d like us to address in a Fact Sheet.

Click on each of the fact sheets to download. Make sure to add sales@christiancopyrightsolutions.com and the @christiancopyrightsolutions.com domain to your address book to receive all your requested materials.