The ONLY Streaming License
Covering 20 Million Songs

WORSHIPcast is the ONLY church streaming license that covers internet performance rights for more than 20 million Christian and secular songs from ASCAP, BMI and SESAC. Annual fees start at only $225.

Saves Time, Money and Gives You Peace of Mind

Streaming offers churches and ministries a dynamic vehicle to communicate with their congregations and reach out to their surrounding communities. Many churches are already harnessing robust and inexpensive webcasting technologies to put a public face on their church. While churches increase visibility online, they also increase their vulnerability to potential copyright infringement. The WORSHIPcast License gives you peace of mind knowing the music you want to share is legally covered.


One Annual Fee
Save time and money! Pay just one annual fee and you can legally stream music from all your events and programs year round.
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Comprehensive Coverage
One-stop Licensing means you’re free to stream more than 20 million songs from ASCAP, BMI and SESAC…Christian, holiday, rock or any genre of music.
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Easy Reporting
Our EASY online reporting tool allows you to browse and select the songs you stream so your fees help support your favorite songwriters.
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Add the LifeWay Worship Track License to WORSHIPcast and legally 1,200 music tracks Learn More

Discover How Easy It Is
to Legally Stream Your Music

Your website is the window to the life of your church, and your music reflects the heart of your mission and passion.
Now it’s EASY, simple and affordable to share and legally stream your music performances.

“INDIEadmin is top-notch in regards to handling an artists music and copyrights. Not only does the INDIEadmin team do an excellent job of protecting me, but they genuinely care about me as an artist and client.”


Mitch Langley,
Songwriter and Worship Leader

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